Course damage from joy ride

January 03, 2018

The damaged ninth green.

Dumped mobility scooter.

Finley Golf Club members are extremely annoyed with those responsible for the malicious damage to the course and clubhouse just days before Christmas.

On Friday, December 22, a stolen mobility scooter was used to rip up the ninth green before being dumped in the golf course dam.

A set of golf clubs — believed to have been taken from the clubhouse — were also dumped in the dam, while a clubhouse window was smashed.

Finley Golf Club captain Rand Wilson said he’s frustrated with the actions of the offenders.

‘‘The golf club has to foot the bill and it’s very disappointing.

‘‘We’re a volunteer based service and we’re the ones who have to do the cleaning up.

‘‘It looks like they’ve ridden the gopher over the green and had a few pot shots with the clubs.

‘‘The damage wasn’t too bad on the green and we can easily fix it, but it still shouldn’t be happening.

‘‘We don’t know where the golf bag came from, but we suspect a member forgot to store it.

‘‘We’re appealing to the community if they saw anything to contact the police.’’

Mr Wilson said the golf club members were more concerned for the welfare of the elderly man that had his mobility scooter stolen.

‘‘I feel for the poor bloke. He’s been a long-time Finley Golf Club member and once held the club’s number one membership card.

‘‘Because of his age and medical condition, the gopher was his only form of transport.

‘‘I believe he’s suffered another medical setback since this took place.

‘‘He’s one of nicest men you’ll meet and we always enjoy seeing him at the club.

‘‘If he gets back on his feet then the golf club will have a community evening to help raise funds for him to buy a new gopher.’’

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