Records fall at Finley carnival

August 10, 2017

Junior boys Tyrelle Taylor, Reece Simmons and Jai Sneddon.

11 years girls Josie Coombs, Sienna Burke, Jasmine Burke and Erica Nicholls.

11 years boys Destin Nshimirimana, Lenny Dattoli and Jacob Orro.

Senior girls Cassidy Reynolds, Stephanie Bramley and Morgan Evans.

Senior boys Riley Weekes, William Hannon, Liam Rafferty and Noa Cain.

Junior girls Chelsea Mason, Brianna Doohan and Eloise Warenycia.

Finley Public School hosted its house athletics carnival at Finley Apex Sports and Community Centre recently.

Despite the cold weather, the competition was fierce between the houses.

This year the under 11 girls were the record breakers, with Josie Coombs’ blistering time of 33 seconds in the 200m heats and Jasmine Burke breaking the high jump record with 1.21m. However, the high jump record was then broken later in the day by Jasmine’s sister Sienna who recorded a massive jump of 1.42m.

The age champions on the day were:

Junior girls: 1st Brianna Doohan, 2nd Chelsea Mason, 3rd Eloise Warenycia.

Junior boys: 1st Reece Simmons, 2nd Tyrelle Taylor, 3rd Jai Sneddon.

11 years girls: 1st Sienna Burke, 2nd Josie Coombs, 3rd Jasmine Burke and Erica Nicholls.

11 years boys: 1st Lenny Dattoli, 2nd Jacob Orro, 3rd Destin Nshimirimana.

Senior girls: 1st Stephanie Bramley, 2nd Cassidy Reynolds, 3rd Morgan Evans.

Senior boys: 1st Liam Rafferty, 2nd Noa Cain, 3rd Riley Weekes and William Hannon.

Murray house were the overall winners, followed by Coree 2nd, Tuppal 3rd and Finley 4th.

The school would like to thank all volunteers who helped out on the day.

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