Highway Man returns a year later

August 04, 2017

One of Australia’s best known nomads John Cadoret — more commonly known as the ‘Highway Man’ — passed through Tocumwal and Finley again last week.

Mr Cadoret, 62, walks the eastern side of Australia and passed through Finley in July last year. He has no job and relies on the kindness of others to provide food and money for him.

Speaking to the Southern Riverina News while sitting peacefully at the Tuppal Station turnoff on the Riverina Hwy on Friday afternoon, Mr Cadoret says he is still somewhat taken back by the public’s interest in him.

‘‘It’s amazing; I can’t figure out why people follow me,’’ he said.

‘‘Maybe it’s because there aren’t many people walking the road these days.’’

The onset of social media has given the Highway Man new fame, with Facebook users encouraged to post where they have spotted him.

Mr Cadoret doesn’t own a mobile phone.

‘‘They get people to take a photo of me and send it to something (Facebook page).

‘‘Every so often a person will pull up and get me to speak (on the phone) to someone. It doesn’t worry me; it’s a bit late in life to get fussy over things like that.

‘‘I like the life, and it’s a lot easier now with everyone looking after me.’’

Mr Cadoret started walking the roads when he was 23, however back then he walked through all parts of Australia. He’s been on the road for 39 years.

‘‘When I first hit the road it was all over the country, but now I just stick to mainly Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, and I don’t do much of the coast any more.

‘‘If I get tired I just stop to rest my legs. Sometimes I’ll just set up for the night.’’

Mr Cadoret was continuing to Blighty and Deniliquin after his stop in Finley.

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