Intereach to turn Finley purple

August 04, 2017

Local support group Intereach is calling on people in the Riverina community to wear purple on August 25 to support diversity.

The aim of event is to teach people about tolerance and inclusion throughout communities.

Finley Hub Coordinator June Madden said anyone can get involved .

‘‘We aren’t calling for donations or anything; we just want people to wear the colour purple.

‘‘Purple is an easy colour for people to wear because it’s a unisex colour. It could be a shirt, a hat or even a scarf.

‘‘The message we want to spread is ‘it’s okay to be who you are’.’’

‘Wear it purple day’ was established by the wider lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community throughout Australia.

Intereach supported the initiative in 2016 at its offices, and this year wants the support to spread into the community. It will include placing purple balloons around the town.

‘‘It isn’t about the LGBT community, but about everyone feeling included and to be proud of themselves,’’ Mrs Madden said.

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