FADAMS ‘Delight’ with theatre show

June 21, 2017

The last performance of the Finley Amateur Dramatic and Music Society’s 2017 production ‘Arabian Delight’ was held in the Finley School of Arts on Sunday afternoon.

And what a performance it was.

This year’s production was held over two weekends, on June 3 and June 16 to 18, after many hours of devotion to practice.

All volunteers, the cast and crew lived up to their great reputation and brought a few hours of joy to those in attendance.

The story, with a few FADAMS local interpretations, covers a kingdom in Egypt where the purity of Princess Charity (LeShai Morris) must be preserved at all costs.

However, Salami The Soothsayer (Denise Keen) informs the audience that there is a curse approaching.

King Ahmed Khar (Kristin Thow) and Queen Itchymutt (Kylie Smyth) instruct eunuch Hope (Lawrence Walsh) to guard Princess Charity.

While carrying out his duties, Hope purchases a lamp (in Tocumwal) and produces a genie (Keith Haidle) who proceeds to grant three wishes.

Having heedlessly wasted the first three wishes, Hope and Charity, on the second awakening of Genie of the Lamp manage to wish Hope be restored to full manhood.

Meanwhile, Clarence of Arabia (Peter Ryan) arrives on the scene with the intention of seducing Charity thus gaining control of the kingdom.

Placing King Khar under hypnosis and his control, many hilarious situations develop.

One such incident occurred with the cast selecting members of the audience onto the stage to dress and dance as harem girls.

The performance of local chemist John had to be seen to be believed and the two young gentlemen accompanying him were equally entertaining.

As the story developed, AliBaba, Prince of Thieves (Meredith Good) together with her cohorts Lilac (Nataleigh Harris-Smith), Lily (Kate Armstrong) and Lotus (Bridget Tegart), arrived in the kingdom to retrieve the lamp which had been lost many years previously by an ancestor.

Upon information imparted by Salami the Soothsayer, Genie of the Lamp can only achieve freedom by the enacting of a performance of ‘The Camel’s Hump’.

This involved more members of the audience being coerced into taking part to allow the Genie to return to a normal life.

With Clarence of Arabia’s plans thwarted, AliBaba, Prince of Thieves ending up with an empty lamp and Genie of the Lamp taking off with Salami The Soothsayer, Princess Charity and Hope succeeded in getting together and all ended up happy ever after.

The production was a credit to all involved; however, best actor would have to go to Ahmed Kharn, Kristin Thow. His performance was outstanding and so entertaining.

Nataleigh’s two singing items were superb.

Behind the scenes, Tracy Anderson was responsible for the magnificent costuming which she has been involved in for the past ten years.

Matt Dodds did an incredible job with only a few weeks experience with the recently purchased lighting equipment.

The lighting, together with the sound supervised by Kelly-Anne Lawler, added amazing depth to the story.

Last, but not least, was director Ross Whittaker. Ross has been involved with FADAMS for more years than he cares to remember and is excited that so many new and younger members have joined the crew.

Comments were most favourable from the audience with people having travelled from Jerilderie, Deniliquin, Tocumwal and Berrigan.

Marjie Honeyman from Jerilderie thought she had prepared by watching a video of Arabian Knights prior to attending. However, she was most impressed with the FADAMS adaption.

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